External & Workshop

Cameron Clark

External Projects


Southlander. After spending 4 years at Jesco Cameron left in 1999 to pursue other interests and do his OE. He worked for us on and off over the next 2 years returning full time to Jesco in 2001.

Cameron is a Fitter Turner by trade and over the years acquired an extensive knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Cameron continued his training by putting himself through night school where he learnt the art of Cad Drawing.

Cameron’s outside interest are Mountain bike riding and programming

Tharan Rule

External Services


Southlander. Tharan grew up with agricultural and contractors equipment in his blood. He did his apprentice ship as a Fitter and Turner through the Tiwai apprentice program before coming to Jesco.

After spending 2 years with us, Tharan left to do his OE basing himself in Western Australian and working with-in the mining industry.

He returning to New Zealand in 1998 and worked for us a further two short periods before taking a permanent position in 2003.

Tharan was appointed head of external services during 2010. Tharan has an extensive knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

His outside interests are Micro light Aircraft, Hovercrafts, Watersports, Motorsports, Hunting, Fishing and riding his motor bike.

Brent Thomson

Technical / Servicing


Otago. Brent grew up in the Catlins at Owaka. He shifted to Auckland and took up a position at Gough Gough and Hammer where be completed his trade as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic.

Family illness saw Brent return to the south working initially at Goughs and then Cable Price where he spent 2 years before joining Jesco in 2003.

Brent holds the unique position of technical servicing because excellent servicing record and his exceptional produce knowledge. Brent’s time is spent on project work or at the Tiwai point Aluminium Smelter.

Brent’s outside interests are Diving, Touch Rugby, Bowls and cycling, he is heavily involved in the Tour of Southland cycling event.

Barry Calder

Hose Technician


Southlander, Barry also grew up in rural southland where he spent several years operating, maintaining and servicing Contractors equipment.

Barry joined Jesco in 2006 as our dedicated Hose van operator.

Barry’s outside interests include Tramping, Gardening and is a long standing member of the Volunteer Fire Service.

Graeme Blanch



Central Otago. Graeme shifted to Dunedin to take up his position at the Hillside workshops where he completed his apprentice ship as a Fitter Turner.

After 10 years at Hillside he shifted to southland with his partner and started working for Jesco in 2005.

Graeme is an excellent machinist and spends much of his time doing lathe work.

He enjoys Family time and riding his motor bike.

Bob Wielaard



Southlander, Bob grew up in Invercargill and shortly after leaving school started working for Melhops Engineering where he completed his apprentice ship as a Fitter Turner.
He took a job with Truntru Machining where he worked his way to manager.
Bob worked on many precision jobs. The most recognized of these would be the creating and building of the replica Indian motor cycles for the film “The Worlds Fastest Indian”.

Bob spent 26 years with Truntru before joining Jesco in 2012.

His outside interest include Fishing, Hunting, Photography and Family time.

Nathan Rennie



Waikato, Nathans parents shifted to southland in 2000. Soon after leaving school he attended Southland’s SIT where he did his pre-trade in Maintenance and Diagnostics completing it in November 2011. He immediately started his apprentice ship at Jesco.

Nathan completed his apprentice ship with us in 2016 and stayed on in the workshop contributing his knowledge and “Tradesman” title to the internal services team.

Thomas Watts


England, Tom was born in England but brought up in Australia. He did his apprentice ship with “Bestec” as a fitter machinist (fitter turner in NZ ) Tom stayed with Bestec for 5 years and told me it was a hydraulic and pneumatic company very much like Jesco apart from the gear they worked on which was much larger as they primarily worked on mining equipment.

Tom married Kate a southland girl and they shifted back to Invercargill to raise their family .

Tom started work at Jesco in 2010 and enjoys Rugby, playing video games and family time.

Peter Young


Nelson, Peter moved to Invercargill to take advantage of the SIT zero fees scheme where he completed his pre trade in general engineering.

He completed the first two years of his apprentice ship at the Tiwai point aluminium smelter before transferring to Jesco in December 2011.

Peter enjoys soccer and riding his mountain bike.

Mike Williamson

Dunedin Service

Dunedin, Shortly after leaving school Mike started working at the Hillside Railway workshops where he completed his trade as a Fitter Welder “B”. The “B” being the donation for Boiler Maker.

Mike joined Jesco in 2010 as a serviceman

He enjoys motor sports , Water sports and time with his family.

Dave Littlejohn

Dunedin Store


Otago, Dave shifted to Dunedin when he was young,
After completing his schooling he took a job with International Harvesters where he completed his trade as a Mechanic.

Dave joined Jesco in Dunedin as a service man in 2007

He enjoys Motor cycles, Golf and Cooking.

Jason Mears

Dunedin Workshop


Otago, Jason was educated and grew up in Dunedin.

He is a fitter turner by trade and did his time with Fisher and Paykel before leaving in 2006.

He did a short spell with Hire Quip and then set up on his own before heading to Australia on his OE. Jason stayed in Australia for 3 years working within his trade.

He returned to NZ and joined Jesco’s Otago branch in 2014.

He enjoys Golf, Squash, Hunting, Fishing and House renovation.

Jeremy White

Service Manager


Southlander. Jeremy attended the Southland SIT where he completed his pre-trade. He then went to the Tiwai point Aluminium smelter where he completed his apprentice ship in Maintenance and Diagnostics.

Jeremy joined Jesco in 2011 initially as part of the workshop team but late in 2011 he was transferred to the vacant backup hose van position. He became part of the external services team in 2012.Jeremy left Jesco in 2016 to resume his career in the fishing industry but returned late in the same year to take up the position of internal and external service manager.

He enjoys Motorbikes, all Motor sports and Hunting.

Neville Chalmers

External Services


Southlander. Like many of our staff Neville also did his pre trade at Southland SIT.

Initially Neville chose a Heavy Diesel mechanics pre-trade. After completing the coarse he joined Jesco in 2005 to do his apprentice ship which he completed in Maintenance and Diagnostics.

After spending several years in the workshop Neville was transferred to external services in 2009

He enjoys Motorsports, Boating and Hunting

Trevor Tatham

External Services


Southlander. Trevor also went through Southlands SIT and then went on to complete his trade as a Automotive Mechanic.

He served his time at the Mokotua garage before taking a job at the Southern Motor Group. Trevor joining Jesco in 2006 initially in the workshop before he was transferred to external services.

He enjoys time with his family, Hunting, Fishing and restoring vintage machinery.

Cory Morrell

External Services


Southlander. After leaving school Cory did his pre trade at Southlands SIT.

He took up a position with Gilkisons Engineering where he commenced his trade in Maintenance and Diagnostics. After completing his trade at Gilkinsons he took serviceman’s job with Niagara sawmilling before heading away on his O E to Canada and the USA.

Cory returning to NZ in 2012 and took up a position with Jesco’s as a hose technicians running our 2nd hose van before moving into the external services team.

Cory was only with Jesco for a little over a week when he became extremely ill and was rushed to hospital with meningitis. He was very lucky to survive and was told by his doctors he has been to the pearly gates and knocked on them.

Colin McCaw



Colin was born and grew up in Auckland.

After marrying a southland girl they shifted down to Invercargill some 30 years ago.
He is a Fitter Welder by trade and worked for several engineering firms in Invercargill spending the last 8 years at Gilkisons before joining Jesco in 1012.

Colin’s interest are 4 wheel driving and tramping.

Michel Jackson

Crane Servicing


Southlander. Michel is another young southlander who did his pre trade through Southlands SIT before joining Southland Hydraulics where he completed his trade in Maintenance and Diagnostics.

He joined Jesco in 2013 initially in the workshop before moving to our second hose van. It was during this time Michel developed a keen interest in Crane servicing. By 2016 hydraulic crane servicing had almost became his full time roll so he was moved to an outside service vehicle which allows him to concentrate on this service.

Michel enjoys racing speedway and golf.

Louis Joubert



Louis was born and grew up in South Africa.

Louis interest are.

Gavin Cooper



Gavin grew up and was educated in the Waiarappa.

He is a fitter Turner by trade and did his time with DG Ward and Ipex pipelines.

He took a job as Territory Manager specializing in Hydraulic systems and design.

In 2004 Gavin left for Australia basing himself in Cairns and worked for Tess Corp as a sales manager focusing on hydraulic design and component sales.

Gavin and his family returned to NZ in 2014 settling in Otago and joining Jesco in December 2014.

Gavin enjoys Mountain biking, Fishing and Golf.